1. Love this! We’ve stopped asking altogether: it’s not, “Do you need to pee?” It’s, “Go pee.” “I don’t have to!” “Go try.” “I don’t want to!” “Go now.” (heavy stomping, slamming of bathroom door … gleeful return) “I peed!” I’m just going to record my voice and push play every so often.

    1. Do you secretly live at my house? Sounds just like home. “Go pee. I know you don’t feel like you have to, we aren’t going to grandma’s until you go try.”

  2. Haha. So been there…my oldest would hold it until she was dancing (hated to stop what she was doing)… I learned to carry changes of clothing. All. The. Time.

  3. it only recently occurred to me that when I say, “do you have to pee?” and she says, “no!” that sometimes she’s telling the truth…

    because she’s already wet her pants.

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